Q How do make my booth register on SALESPLACE?
A First, log-in as a business member
Second, create your booth and at the end of creation process you will find out a button named "Register on the SALESPLACE"
Q How many booths can I make?What do I do if I want to make more booths?
A Currently, you can create up to four booths per account.
If you want more booths, please buy a "Premium B" product.
Q How do participate to the online exhibition?
A First, log-in as a business member and create a booth.
Second, buy a ticket for exhibition participation. Please see more details in the "Membership(my openbooth -> membership)" sector.
Third, apply your booth for a exhibition you want.

* Users who participate in the exhibition for the first time will receive one free participation ticket when send a business registration by email(openbooth@openbooth.net)
Q What's the difference between business member and individual member?
A Individual members have limited functions such as booth creation and business proposals.
Business members can use all features, especially if you want to create a booth, you have to participate as a business member.
A OPENBOOTH consists of two services: OPENSPACE and OPENEXHIBITION.

1. OPENSPACE is a sales place where companies and buyers freely share information with each other.
2. OPENEXHIBITION is an online exhibition with a specific theme. You can see the information of the company you want more intensively in one place.

For more information, please check out "About Us" in this service.